Starting QB Decision: Delayed

Delaware Head Coach Dave Brock decided on Thursday that a clear choice for starting QB is too close to call right now. At first glance of the report by KT, I was scratching my head and befuddled. Why can’t you pick a guy and roll with it? Anyone that has watched football for a couple decades and have seen QB platoons, know they eventually scuttle a season if a starter…


The Final Countdown … to FIGHTIN BLUE HENS FOOTBALL!!

YESSS!! It’s that time of the year. The time when we all countdown those remaining days until UD Football kicks off once more. And yes, my tradition of posting this video of UD students lip-syncing Europe’s The Final Countdown continues. It’s classic. Run out and stock up on beverages, food, footballs, foam fingers, UD gear, more beverages, etc … for another season of UD Fightin Blue Hens Football! [hr] Oh yeah…


2015 Blue Hens W/L Record

Well … it’s that time of the year … the time to get totally pumped that FOOTBALL is BACK … and that time to PREDICT what those Fightin Blue Hens of Delaware will actually do this season. Optimism or pessimism … or neutral … doesn’t matter … your opinion matters here … weigh in … OK … you weigh’d in … that wasn’t so hard … was it? Grab a…



Who will Head Coach Dave Brock name Fightin Blue Hens starting QB? Will it be #7 (jr) Blake Rankin 6’4″ 215lb ? Will it be #3 (r-fr) Joe Walker 6’3″ 200lb ?  Neither has played a snap at the collegiate level.  Game 1: Jacksonville Dolphins – Friday, September 4th – 7pm @ Delaware Stadium 


Who were the UD Hitmen?

If you have watched any channel that airs sporting events these past few weeks, then very likely, you have seen the preview to “Hitman: Agent 47” about 100 times before today. It’s also, likely, that “Hitman: Agent 47” is a wait-for-FX-movie (any time the star and leading lady are people that trigger you to scratch your head and think … ‘have I seen them in something else?’ … safe bet it…


Emergence from hibernation …

The day after NFL Draft to CAA FB Media Day … is usually the hibernation period for It is the time I can fold up the blue & gold football gear, throw it into virtual storage, and forget-about-it for a few months (excluding tweeting stuff, of course). But that CAA FB Media Day is right around the corner (usually the last Wednesday of July?), which means it is time…


Run, Nick, Run

And he did. At the NFL Combine Nick Boyle‘s 40 time was 5.04 … in scouts’ eyes … improvement was needed. At the UD Pro Day … Nick’s 40 time was dramatically better … 4.86 (unofficial) So what does this new (faster) 40 time mean to Boyle’s draft possibilities? Well, let’s take a look at last year’s draft (TEs only): ROUND (OVERALL) PLAYER HEIGHT WEIGHT SCHOOL TEAM 40 TIME 1 (10)…

thefightinhens_10minsdavebrock Q & A with Dave Brock

Delaware Fightin Blue Hen Head Coach Dave Brock took time to do a little Q & A for [hr] 1. It is your third year as head football coach at UD, if in 2016 one of your assistants accepted a position as head coach for another school, what would be two bits of wisdom that you would pass on to him? [divider] [highlight]First I would tell them that non football issues…