Dave Brock has been relieved of his duties

Well, we all kinda figured this was coming after a third straight conference loss. Brock had his three years to build his system with his players but the execution of the plan did not result in enough wins and a direct path to the FCS Playoffs. Yeah, playoffs. That is what the Blue Hens fans desire and cannot go without for too long. And Brock’s progress … was, well, taking…


Mountain Climbing Blue Hens

  0-2 in CAAFB … yeah, not a good start to the conference schedule. But hey— not disastrous, yet! Delaware is far from mathematical elimination. As Kevin Tresolini points out: Since 2010, five of the eight CAA teams that went 5-3 in the league and had four regular-season losses made the FCS playoff field. That includes when the bracket had 20 teams from 2010-2012 and 24 from 2013 to now….


It’s October, should we be scared?

  So on last Saturday after a couple of beers and a very enjoyable Louisville @ Clemson game viewing (uhhh, classic). I calmed down from the DISASTROUS DELAWARE loss in Harrisonburg. The need to chill out and relax was very much needed. Sure UD took a huge uppercut to the chin and was dropped last weekend. But there is a chance last Saturday was a mulligan. Yes, a mulligan! Yes!…