Delaware 24 Rhode Island 19

Prediction time!

And for the LAST time no less … again. (URI leaving for NEC in 2012)

There is no need for us FIGHTIN BLUE HEN fans to worry if we’re gonna get it in to the FCS Tournament in late November, because the playoffs begin for Delaware on Saturday.  Let’s do some quick analysis on why …

  • let’s say the loss to Navy and win against WC cancel each other out and mean nothing to NCAA committee
  • we all should assume the DSU win means little because the Hornets were severely overmatched
  • solid CAA win at home against ODU and a solid road loss to highly ranked Maine, is okay for us
  • a shutout of overrated W&M is not helping us too much this season
  • certainly a BAD loss at HOME against UMass is the black eye on the UD 2011 record so far

If I’m an NCAA FCS playoffs committee person, what reason do I have to put UD in playoffs other than legacy?  We got ZERO road wins!  And actually, beating URI this week and losing to Towson next week will prove that UD cannot beat the top dogs of the CAA in 2011.  Let me throw this stat out there as well … take away the WC & DSU scores and UD is avg’ing 18.4 pts a game, ugh.  Granted, we have been playing with a pretty decent backup QB in Tim Donnelly, but the Hens backs are against the wall now.  Winning in Kingston on Satruday is par for the course right now, but KC can’t let the game look or feel that way before the kids take the field.

KC has to send a message and let everyone know how much this game really means.

 Okay, nice work coach.


After last week’s flat performance, I’m not sure which UD team is gonna take the field.  Especially now that Trevor is back under center.  Looking at the numbers, it seems URI is gonna win this game, but I’m gonna take a leap of faith and go with UD and Sasek. 

Hens gotta get on the board early and stay on top before the half.  This team does not give me much confidence in a come-from-behind scenario, especially on the road.  UD needs lots of Pierce and Hayes rushing yards to keep Rams QB Probst off the field and flinging the ball all over the UD secondary. My hopes are on Sasek re-energizing the Blue Hens offense and engineering a time-consuming late-scoring drive which keeps the Rams from stealing the game in a 2-minute drill slash heart-breaking TD drive.

  • Delaware 24
  • Rhode Island 19


Your turn … how do you feel this game will unfold?

W L Pts
AH2Delaware 5 2 39
Psycho Dan 6 1 36
Rich 5 2 32
Danny 5 2 32
Ethan 5 2 31
Jon 2 3 17
Marcuscope 2 2 10
RJ 0 1 0
Sasha 0 1 0
Steve K 0 1 0


Don’t fret about the standings if you have predicted before or not … just join in! It’s all for fun.