#FCSPlayoffs: Round 2- Maine, New Hampshire,Towson

Yes, it’s round two of the FCS Playoffs and the Blue Hens are home on the couch like us fans.  But let’s get past this … shall we?

Because as football fans, we only got two months left.

When Super Bowl XLVIII hits all zeros on FEB2, we gotta wait until mid-July for pigskin action to pick up again.

So if you have a computer with decent bandwidth … then hunker down and check out some of these games on ESPN3.com/ESPNU when you can.


Sure, you can keep the TV on to have one eye on some of the FBS Championship games.  I know I will be watching some Missouri vs Auburn (CBS) and Michigan State vs Ohio State (FOX).  Uhhh, I hear Gus Johnson is calling the Big Ten Championship, and Gus is well over do for a ridiculous dramatic call.  So I can’t wait for the Spartans to pull the upset and throw the BCS computers into a hizzy.

Anyway, back to the FCS Playoffs.


Kinda sucks that New Hampshire has to play Maine in round two.  Rivals playing against each other so early in a national tournament sucks, but I get why (travel expenses,tight budgets).  What makes the FCS Playoffs so good is also what makes it a tough sell– cold weather, student finals, holidays, travel, Christmas shopping, family.  The hardcore fan will make time to catch the game somehow, but it’s the borderline fan you gotta sell for these early December games.  And when these games are not on national TV on an annual basis, it’s kinda hard to pop a game on when browsing thru the mall or while decorating the Christmas tree.

I’m gonna try to watch two FCS games via the computer …

1pm ET – #9 Fordham (12-1) at #5 Towson (10-2) 

KC Keeler is the analyst.  So watching Terrence West plow over Fordham for four quarters should be interesting for about the first two.  Keeler’s coaching analysis might be fun for the final two.

2pm ET – #15 New Hampshire (8-4) at #10 Maine (10-2) 

Sure these teams played just a few weeks ago with the Wildcats getting the better of it.  But, maybe the Black Bears were not as inspired since they already knew they had a home playoff game in the bag and New Hampshire was scratching just to get in.  A classic battle of offense (UNH) vs defense (Maine).  I would like to see a well-rested Black Bears team advance and carry the CAAfb flag into round three and further.

Oh, one more thing that makes round two of the FCS Playoffs a tad more exciting over the FBS games … the weather.  While quite a few FBS Championships will be played indoors … FCS Playoff games are played at the home stadiums of the higher seeds.  Which means … yes, snow flurries should be seen across the US of A via FCS Playoff games.  Check this map out which I screen grabbed while writing this …


Enjoy your football anyway you can … eight weeks remain … with the bulk of the good stuff today.

Shame my tongue
Fat with promise all along
But when I woke up from that sleep
I was happier than I’d ever been

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