He wears ORANGE now …

The question of the day, now that former UD Head Coach KC Keeler has landed a new gig in Bearkat country, is– Who will get back to Frisco first: Delaware Fightin Blue Hens or Sam Houston State Bearkats?

The race is on …


Without further ado … here is the introductory press conference of KC Keeler as new head football coach of the Sam Houston State Bearkats.

[fast forward to the 9 minute mark to get past the chatter of SHST AD Bobby Williams]


Thought dump:

  • KC does a lot of name dropping
  • “I’m smart enough to know” … I will probably catch myself saying that this weekend now … e.g. “Honey, I’m smart enough to know … not to give baby girl sugar infested foods!”
  • Dude was a bit nervous … I get it … he’s in Texas … totally different culture than the Northeast … I know, I lived there (the fact that I was 7-8 years old is not relevant)
  • Did KC vote Democrat in DE?  If so, he might wanna switch to Republican if he wants to be able to look those oil tycoons in the eye when he shakes their hand
  • If the Blue Hens and Bearkats both get into the 2014 FCS Playoffs … would ESPN fill the selection committees’ pockets with greenbacks to ensure they meet for an ESPN3.com internet ratings killer?
  • The over/under on transfers for the Bearkats this year is 2.5 ——-> place your bets now before the sharps place theirs!
  • It’s gonna be interesting to see who the non-Texas-KC-friendly coaches are …
  • Keeler better not try to get a Cobb salad on any menu down there … he better start eating steak for breakfast, lunch, dinner … hell, steak for dessert, just drizzle a little chocolate syrup on it