Q & A with Paul Worrilow

Former Delaware Fightin Blue Hen LB Paul Worrilow (now Atlanta Falcon) took time to do a little Q & A for
1. What are your three favorite Olympic-style weight lifts along with 1RM for each?
When it comes to the Olympic lifts I really only work on the cleaning part of the lift. At my strongest I was a 400lb lb cleaner. The most I ever Clean & jerked was 365 lbs.
2. In the movie “Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby”—Ricky Bobby and racing teammate Cal Naughton Jr used the tagline “Shake n Bake” to define the combo’s winning tactics.  Soooooooo … any chance you and fellow rookie upstart Desmond Trufant get together as “Chips n Salsa”?  I suppose one of you could motion like you’re scooping salsa outta a bowl and the other could crunch down on an imaginary chip. If you do follow thru on this rather brilliant marketing idea … which chips & salsa products would you get behind? [oh, t-shirts are printing at an alarming pace already]
Brilliant idea…but I doubt it.
3. Chipotle Mexican Grill or Moe’s Southwest Grill?  Explain your choice … and what is your typical order at your fave of the two?
Tough choice but I would have to go to Moes for the chips and salsa. Usual order would include tacos.
4. The 2014 Detroit Lions vs Atlanta Falcons game sounds like an ordinary NFL matchup– except for the fact that the game will be played at Wembley Stadium in London England.  What are your thoughts about playing in London?  And what touristy things will you try to squeeze in on your off day?
Extremely excited to play in London next year and as someone who has never really traveled before this is a great opportunity.  I’m looking forward to a little sightseeing and visiting restaurants while we are there.
5. The majority of the rules in the NFL lean to the offensive side of the ball– which has seemingly led to defenses being more “bend-don’t-break” and “force-a-turnover-before-the-red-zone”.  In your quest to become the most efficient tackler you can be, is it possible to strip the ball without sacrificing hold of the tackle?  Is there a “good time” to go for the forced fumble?
There will always be times to go for the football, and more times than not you have the opportunity to attack the ball while securing the tackle. The last thing you want to do is go for the ball and end up missing the tackle. Ripping the ball out is primarily a job for the second or third man in on the tackle.
6. Your statistics for tackles were phenomenal in 2013, rookie or veteran.  Please correct me if I’m wrong, but usually large tackling numbers are a result of two circumstances: 1) the defense is efficiently funneling ball carriers to the defenders who are supposed to clean up, 2) defense is on the field far too long and tackles are made because someone has to.  Win or lose, how do you know you performed your job as an efficient linebacker that game? Do you know when you walk off the field or does it take some post-game film study?
Watching film of the game will always be the ultimate evaluation of your play. As a linebacker, tackles often are an indicator of your effectiveness due to the nature of our position. 
7. Let’s say for a second (nightmare scenario) that an unforeseen labor strike fell upon the 2014 NFL season and all players were barred from NFL facilities indefinitely.  Would you like to take a shot at the 2014 Crossfit Games?  How’d you think you do? Which workouts would you know you might be in a little trouble with?
I would love a shot at the Crossfit games, those guys are animals though. I would probably just continue to train for football in that scenario. 
8. Speaking of Crossfit, one of the toughest Crossfit workouts is the “Murph”.  I have not done it yet because 100 pull-ups would rip open my hands.  It is named after Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy who was killed in Afghanistan in 2005.  Aaannnd … Michael Murphy is one of the characters in the newly released (based on true events, obviously) movie “Lone Survivor”, a movie I have to see before it leaves theaters.  What are your three favorite war/military movies?
“Lone Survivor” is incredible.  Another that comes to mind is the documentary “The Battle for Marjah.” I love the documentaries with real life accounts and people. 
9. My wife and I struck a deal before we got married.  She would present me in mini-project form– three honeymoon destinations that were tropical (my demand) and I would choose one of the three.  She crossed her fingers that I’d choose Thailand so she could ride an elephant in the Far East.  I ended up choosing the Cook Islands and we had an awesome time.  Now that you’re newly engaged, do you have any demands on honeymoon locations?  Would exotic animals be involved?
As of right now we don’t know where we are going and are going to put it off until after next season. If it were up to me we would go to somewhere with an opportunity to travel the safari and see the big cats and other animals.  Going north to see the polar bears seems out the question so I am going to save that one for a later date.
10. You have a border collie named ‘Jax’, I have a border collie name ‘Rhase’.  Both named after fictional characters: Jax=”Sons of Anarchy” lead character Jackson ‘Jax’ Teller, Rhase=”Johnny Quest” character Roger T ‘Race’ Bannon (yeah, I changed the spelling of the first name a bit, but kept ‘Bannon’ as his middle name).  Does the fiancé ever get a little jealous of your companionship with Jax?  Do you take him on training runs?
All the time. She loves this dog just as much as I do though. I take him just about everywhere with me when I can.  He loves to come with me when I run hills. He will join me in many of the first runs and then lay at the top and just watch.