I have NEVER smoked pot or have done any other kind of illegal drug before in my lifetime.  Am I innocent of any crime? No.  My vice is beer.  I enjoy good beer along with my good football.  And I have drank beer illegally, like many other before me.

With that said, isn’t it obvious that the states that hold the “LEGAL TO SMOKE POT” laws have an edge in football recruiting in the near future?

medical marijuana[2]

The states of Washington and Colorado have a slight advantage in recruiting for the next couple years until other states weigh the balance of drug use and football winning percentage out of their favor. Seriously, all it takes is one recruit choosing the Washington Huskies over the Tigers of LSU before senators start pushing weed as their number one movement for election.

USA revolves around football.

With former Boise State head coach Chris Peterson in Washington now instead of Idaho … makes for a nice recruiting advantage with laws the way they are now.  Before, recruits would stroll down to Oregon because of Nike, but now that Washington is lax with weed use … maybe not so much.

Weed over shoes?

Which do you prefer?

It makes ya wonder.  Which big NE state will bend to the marijuana push?  What if it’s New Hampshire?  That liberal state up north.  Imagine all them recruits going a little further up north for Ben & Jerry’s aaaaannnnddd Mary Jane?

How does DE recruit against that?

Will the football nation be soon divided by a plant?