Q & A with Dave Brock

Delaware Fightin Blue Hen Head Coach Dave Brock took time to do a little Q & A for
1. The NFL is considering eliminating extra points.  I am 100% behind this idea…what are your thoughts? And how about this radical thought…if someday NCAA rules allowed only a kicker or punter on game day, which would you dress more often? (obviously, no reflection on the current talent on the roster, merely a philosophical point of view)
I would be fine with no extra point in the NFL.  I would dress a punter if I could only choose 1.
2. You are a NJ native.  So are you a Springsteen guy or a Jon Bon Jovi guy?  Please name a couple favorite songs of either artist or you risk NJ Governor Chris Christie hindering recruiting for UD in the near future with traffic congestion after the Delaware Memorial Bridge.
I am a Springsteen guy.  Born to Run, Tenth Avenue Freeze Out, Born in the USA.   I am a Chris Christie fan, proud Blue Hen, and was a great Rutgers supporter.
3. Please explain how a former LB at Ferrum College turns into an offensive coach?
I coached Defense early in my career but my break was at Hofstra in 1995 and it was a RB job.  I have coached offense since then.
4. #HENFL-I gotta say, the twitter hashtags outta UD have been marketing smart (job well done to those involved).  So how has Mike Adams playoff run with the Denver Broncos and Atlanta Falcon Paul Worrilow’s breakout rookie season helped on the recruiting trail this winter?
Anytime UD alums have success it impacts recruiting.  We have very successful alums throughout the country in all walks of life, including our former Blue Hen players who are doing big things in the NFL.
5. Can you name a coach, college or pro, from a sport other than football that you have learned from or you would say “he/she has got it and I need to get there”?  Please explain.
I thought Roy Williams was great at UNC, fierce competitor but a 1st class person.  I really enjoyed John Chaney at Temple- brutal honesty, passionate and loved his players
6. You have coached the likes of Jordy Nelson (Green Bay Packers) and Hakeem Nicks (former NY Giant, Free Agent), could WR Michael Johnson have a special 2014 season now that he and QB Trent Hurley have a year of experience with the offensive system?
I have been fortunate to coach some terrific players and I believe Mike will be seen in the same light.  I feel Mike will be the elite WR in the CAA and a potential All American.  I have great expectations for Mike in 2014.
7. Great GPA-great football- Stanford has been able to achieve this first under Jim Harbaugh and has continued under David Shaw.  Is Delaware positioning itself to be the FCS version of Stanford?
I believe you want your players to achieve in the classroom and on the field.  Stanford has had great success and certainly is a model program.   I don’t believe at Delaware you need to be a version of anyone else, this program should be a standard setter.
8. “Family Dinner” – what are some staple home-cooked Brock family meals that are assured to get everyone at the table at once?
There are 7 of us at home, so I don’t know that the meal does it as much as our schedules.  My daughters don’t eat meat so my wife usually is cooking multiple things! – Fish Tacos, Enchiladas, Pasta/Meatballs! 
9. The MLB St. Louis Cardinals believed in player development enough to let super slugger Albert Pujols sign somewhere else- two seasons later they were back in the World Series.  Why will your philosophy on recruiting/player development result in FCS Championship appearances for Delaware?
Football is the ultimate team game and I believe college football is about player development.   Bringing the right people/players into the program will create a high level of consistency and increase the number of playoff appearances.  You need the right combination of talent and team chemistry. 
10. The “Nick Saban Rule” it has been dubbed- offenses cannot snap ball until 10 seconds have run off the play clock (10-second rule proposal tabled).  What are your thoughts on this?  Is this old-school versus new-school?
I am not in favor of the rule.  I think we should always look for ways to make the game safer.   The rule was put on the shelf so it will not be a part of college football this year.